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Catch Hands

Having Love For All Doesn't Mean Be A Pushover

Let's be honest, we will not get along with everyone that we come in contact. Despite our best efforts we sometimes miss the mark. But do not allow your loving and jovial disposition to misconstrue the fact that you will if need be defend yourself from outside forces both foreign and domestic. Like a snakes rattle, the shirt is only a warning.


Changed Behavior

The Best Apology One Could Give

In my growth into adulthood I have discovered that the best apology given to someone you care about is Changed Behavior. With self reflection comes the realization that sometimes you or others may not be doing things in the correct manner. Changed behavior shows love, care and growth. Accept nothing less but always give the same.


Love Thyself First

I Love Me Enough For The Both Of Us

I discovered many years ago that I was basing the level of love I was giving myself hinged on the level of love I received from others. That's when my mother corrected me and told me to love myself first and if they do not love you back, that is okay. That interaction spawned this thought and this thought I live by. You don't have to love me when I love me enough for the both of us!


On The  Way

Peace, Joy, Increase, Happiness

Faith is confidence in what we hope for and the assurance that the lord is working, even though we cannot see it. Our "On The Way" collection represents the belief that what you are believing for is On The Way and a reminder for others to do the same.

Peace, Joy, Increase, Happiness is all  On The Way.

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